Craftsman Mindset

The Creek Rock Lo Fi approach to craftsmanship is based on professional engineering experience, as well as a long lineage of craftsmen and artisans going back several generations. Craftsmanship and ingenuity are woven into the DNA. A lifetime of experience with hacking electronics, woodworking, and garage engineering goes into every piece. Experimentation and constant improvement keep things interesting. New inspiration can often be found in the strangest places. When it is, new creations are born.

No Two The Same

When building instruments out of things that were never meant to be instruments you learn to embrace the unique quirks and imperfections that give each piece it's own personality. The more it looks like it shouldn't work, the more it amazes when it does. You truly play an instrument with its own identity when playing something hand made. As you break yourself in to your own instrument you learn each rattle, buzz or blemish that makes it uniquely yours. Like the homemade instruments of depression era Appalachian people, everything made here fully embodies its handmade nature.

Every Detail

All instruments are built and tested with the same care as if being made for myself or family so they may be played hard and used to their full potential. Every feature is tried and played before anything leaves the shop.

The challenge of custom work is a true gift. Every effort is always made to create a customized, personal, and playable piece of gear.